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Welcome to Our goal is simple. We aim to give you the tools, knowledge and resources to achieve success in your Forex Trading. Why? Because we care most about your success in the market. Whether you are looking for a stable trading system (FCFN), or looking for a system to be automatically traded on your account (DT+), Divergence Trading has a product that is just right for you!


When you learn how the EURUSD moves during the different sessions, it is like removing the big curtain behind the Wizard of Oz and finding out that trading the EURUSD isn't as big and scary is the big boys want to make you think.


The Forex Cash Flow Now System consists of four videos that fully reveal a group of strategies that anyone can trade in the EURUSD. In fact, we aren't just revealing how to trade this system, we are revealing how to trade this system directly through the hands of a Forex Professional. Using these trades along with our unique Money Management System, you will have the potential of finally being profitable in the market!


Best of all, using our Powerful Compounding Strategy you will learn how to geometrically grow your account. You'll need to see this one to believe it. This compounding strategy is fully revealed in the first video of the Forex Cash Flow Now system. In addition to our compounding tool and strategies, we provide you with valuable insight on how the EURUSD pair moves and give you a step-by-step guide to the FCFN Trading System.


We are so confident that you will want the Forex Cash Flow Now Trading System that we will give you the entire first video of the four part series, ABSOLUTELY FREE!


Check out example trade video (click on slide 4 above), sign up to gain free access to the entire first video of the Forex Cash Flow Now System, and start building your trading account today!


Not Your Every Day Risk Disclaimer


There is risk in trading. Nothing in this website is to be interpreted otherwise. Past results do not guarantee future results, but they certainly do provide evidence of what is possible. Any discussion of the potential for large profits is based on compounding results. Non-compounded results are generally many times smaller than what is possible with compounded results. All content in this site is for educational purposes only. At all times, trading should be approached cautiously, carefully assessing the risks involved, with the primary goal being that of survival. Survive and live to succeed another day.





"How One Simple Secret in the EURUSD Can Help You Trade Like a

Forex Professional"






We do not rent, sell, give or in any way disclose your

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Divergence Trading Plus is an automated trading program that allows live FCFN trades to be automatically taken in your account. We are not currently accepting new members, but if you have already signed up to watch Video 1 of FCFN, you are automatically placed on the waiting list to be notified when spots open up. To add your name to the waiting list for Divergence Trading Plus, please fill out the form above, or simply click the link below.